DataInsights – Q1 2018 Labour Force Rates

Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey findings indicate that the Halton labour force is in high demand and continues to outperform its neighbouring municipalities.

Halton Region’s unemployment during Q1 2018 was 4.2%, remaining lower than those witnessed in Q1 2017 (4.4%) and lower than the ten-year 2009-2018 average (5.2%).

Unemployment Rate Trend

Halton Region’s unemployment rate (4.2%) in Q1 2018 was substantially lower than Hamilton’s average (5.1%), the Provincial average (5.4%), the Greater Toronto Area (5.5%) and the National average (5.9%).

Unemployment Rate Comparisons

Halton’s labour participation rate in Q1 2018 was 66.3%.  In comparison, the Greater Toronto Area’s participation rate during Q1 2018 was 65.7% and the Provincial average was 63.9%.

Q1 Participation Rate Comparisons

We’re here to help.  Contact us for assistance in expanding your business in Halton Region, or for additional information on the Halton economy.  For more detailed statistics and historical trends, visit

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DataInsights – 2017 Halton Region Economic Review

LPS-1810161_Halton Economic Review_2018_Page_01Just released!  The 2017 Halton Region Economic Review provides a comprehensive overview of Halton’s economy and real estate development during the past year, along with highlighting Halton-related business news, employment lands servicing progress and Halton’s competitiveness within the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area.  Here are some highlights of the Review:

  • The total value of building construction reached nearly $3.1 billion – breaking last year’s record high of $2.1 billion in building permits and representing a 42 per cent increase year over year.
  • Commercial building construction across Halton reached its second highest recorded levels in 2017. The total value of new commercial construction in 2017 reached $467.8 million.
  • Halton reached full employment with a 4 per cent unemployment rate – well below the provincial average of 6 per cent. Halton’s labour force is in-demand by top employers with 75 per cent of residents having attained a post-secondary education – these are among the highest levels in Canada.
  • Business confidence within the region remained strong in 2017. Four out of five businesses are optimistic about the future and expect economic conditions to remain stable or improve and one third of businesses intend to hire additional staff in the next 12 months.

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Halton is Helping Local Businesses Go Global

Chair Carr GBC LaunchOn February 28th, Halton Economic Development officially launched its new Global Business Centre (GBC).

The event featured the unveiling of the GBC and remarks from Regional Chair Gary Carr, which was followed by a reception and tour of the new space located at 1151 Bronte Rd. in Oakville.

The GBC is a new hub of free resources and support for local, small to medium sized businesses that are looking to export, scale up and take advantage of national and international market opportunities. Continue reading

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DataInsights – Halton’s 2017 Q4 Economic Performance

Q4 2017

Halton Region Economic Development issues a quarterly report that provides a snapshot of Halton’s economic performance with respect to development, labour force, and real estate markets. Sign-up here to receive the quarterly report delivered to your inbox.

Highlights from the 2017 Q4 Economic and Development Report:

Record-breaking construction activity

Halton achieved record-breaking levels of construction activity in 2017 for the second consecutive year, reaching $3.1 billion. During the final quarter of 2017, the total value of construction in Halton was $601 million, the highest fourth quarter level on record.

Several large-scale projects were initiated during the quarter which boosted overall construction value including:

  • The new Sherwood Community Centre and Library in Milton ($38 million).

Sherwood Communicty Centre

  • Construction of a new six-storey residential and commercial mixed use building in Burlington ($35 million).

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Wellness Programs in Halton Workplaces: Results from 2017 Business Conditions Survey

Social Services 4Each year, Halton Region sends out the Business Conditions Survey to businesses across the region. This annual survey provides insight into Halton’s business landscape and provides an understanding of the economic outlook for the upcoming year.

Workplace Wellness Programs in Halton

In the 2017 survey, businesses were asked if they had a workplace wellness program in place and 445 responded. A workplace wellness program was defined as: “programs that address health behaviours such as poor nutrition, physical inactivity, stress, obesity and smoking, and do not include legislated health and safety programs.”

What were the results?

Less than 1 in 4 businesses (22%) reported having a wellness program in place

  • Workplace wellness programs are more common in larger workplaces (i.e., 100+ employees)
  • There were no differences in the frequency of workplace wellness programs by municipality
  • More than 50 respondents requested to be contacted by the Halton Region Health Department to discuss our workplace wellness services

 What do the results mean?

There is an opportunity for many more Halton organizations to focus on workplace wellness and develop a program for their employees.

  • The opportunity is greatest among small and medium-sized businesses, as they were least likely to report having a wellness program in place.
  • Many workplaces were looking for support from the Working Well in Halton program to get started on building a wellness program for their staff.

 Working Well in Halton is here to help!

 The Halton Region Health Department’s Working Well in Halton program is here to help you build a healthy workplace! Book a free consultation with one of our staff members who can help walk you through the steps of setting up a wellness program at your workplace.

For more information about our resources and services, please contact Kirsten Sears at; 905-825-6000 ext. 7499.

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Working Well in Halton: Helping Halton Workplaces become Healthier

With over 17 million Canadians spending more than half of their waking hours at work, many companies are beginning to examine the health of their workplace.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Social Services 3Are you seeing more absences?
  • Are your employee benefits costs rising?
  • Does staff morale or engagement feel low?
  • Are your employees reporting that they feel stressed?
  • Do your employees sit most of the day?
  • Are the food choices available at your workplace unhealthy?
  • Do any of your employees use tobacco products?

Social Services 2If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider starting a wellness program for your workplace.

Did you know that the Halton Region Health Department offers employers resources, professional development opportunities, and consultations to help make workplace wellness a reality?

Social Services 1The Working Well in Halton program offers the following services at no cost to Halton workplaces:

  • Monthly e-newsletters (sign-up here)
  • In-person networking meetings held twice a year featuring guest speakers on topics that impact your workplace
  • A workplace health website offering toolkits, fact sheets and posters on a variety of topics (
  • Presentations at your workplace (e.g., tobacco cessation, healthy nutrition environments, move more at work, sit less, etc.)
  • Participate as a vendor in your employee wellness fair (pending availability)
  • Consultations upon request, where you can work with a staff member from the Health Department for help in developing a wellness program, assessing employee needs and evaluating your initiatives

Whether you are just getting started, or have an established workplace wellness program, the Halton Region Health Department is here to help you build a healthy workplace.

For more information about our resources and services, please contact Kirsten Sears at; 905-825-6000 ext. 7499.

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Meet our Starter Company Plus cohort #2 grant recipients!

In October 2017, the Halton Small Business Centre launched the second cohort of the Starter Company Plus program.  Program participants receive mentoring, training, and coaching from our business consultants and program mentors.  In December, program participants submitted their business plans for review for a chance to be selected to pitch in front a panel of judges to win funding for their business.

Of the top 10 pitches, 7 successful entrepreneurs were selected to receive a grant of $4,500.  Meet our grant winners!

  1. Andrea Chmielinski – Steward WiseFebruary 20 Starter Company Plus Grant Winners
  2. Daniel Ascencio – Good Sniff Spaw
  3. Eakanth Mathialakan – Halton Foot and Orthotic Clinic
  4. Ilse De Cleene – IDC Home
  5. Jaklyn Andrews – Oakville Family Health
  6. Kim Cornick – Nationwide Medical Inc.
  7. Michael Bryant – Eastern Woodlands Trading Co.

Starter Company Plus is an entrepreneurship program that provides training, mentoring and advice for eligible individuals 18 years of age or older, to help build a small business. The program also provides an opportunity to apply for a micro-grant to help start or grow a small business. Continue reading

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