Data Insights: Planning for the future – 2019 Halton Employment Survey

From now until the end of September the Region of Halton is conducting our annual

surveyor photo

Surveyors wear Halton shirts and carry ID cards when visiting businesses

Employment Survey.   A team of surveyors from the Region’s Planning Services Division will visit each and every business in Halton to gather information about:

  • The number of employees working at each location;
  • The type of employment that’s taking place there; and
  • Characteristics of the buildings in which businesses are located.

The information gathered through this survey helps us to monitor the region’s economic activity, forecast land use patterns and implement land use targets.  We also use this information to support water, wastewater and transportation master plans.

All data collected from the survey is consolidated and released to the public though the Employment Survey Results report. Individual business information is neither identifiable nor published in the report.

Business representatives can now complete the 2019 Employment Survey questionnaire online!

Learn more

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