Finding Your Business Idea

Happy business woman looking on questions in bubbles isolatedDo you want to be your own boss but have no idea what business to start? Believe it or not, this is a common question for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Ask yourself the questions below to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. What am I good at?

Do you frequently get complimented on a certain skill? Are your friends and family always gushing about your artistic abilities? It might be time to cash in on your talents.

Tip: Not sure how to get started? Keep a notebook with you and start asking friends and family what they think you are great at.

  1. What keeps me up at night?

Many of today’s top entrepreneurs started by asking the question, what keeps me up at night?  Whether it’s how frustrating you find waiting in line for your morning coffee, or what to make for dinner this week, many innovative businesses have resulted from trying to solve life’s little headaches.

  1. What am I looking to learn?

Do you have a burning passion to become a chef? Have you always pictured yourself as a yoga teacher? Take those interests and start building the skills with the purpose of starting a business. This will give you double motivation to learn something new and get you started on your business idea.

Once you have a couple of ideas, visit us at the Halton Small Business Centre to use our free Super Demographics or InfoCanada tools for your market research. These online databases can supply you with the data you need to asses which business might be more viable for you and your area.

The Halton Small Business Centre is located at 1151 Bronte Road in Oakville. To find out more information about our services please visit us online at

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