DataInsights – Q1 2018 Labour Force Rates

Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey findings indicate that the Halton labour force is in high demand and continues to outperform its neighbouring municipalities.

Halton Region’s unemployment during Q1 2018 was 4.2%, remaining lower than those witnessed in Q1 2017 (4.4%) and lower than the ten-year 2009-2018 average (5.2%).

Unemployment Rate Trend

Halton Region’s unemployment rate (4.2%) in Q1 2018 was substantially lower than Hamilton’s average (5.1%), the Provincial average (5.4%), the Greater Toronto Area (5.5%) and the National average (5.9%).

Unemployment Rate Comparisons

Halton’s labour participation rate in Q1 2018 was 66.3%.  In comparison, the Greater Toronto Area’s participation rate during Q1 2018 was 65.7% and the Provincial average was 63.9%.

Q1 Participation Rate Comparisons

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