Do you procrastinate?

July 11 checklist on smartphoneAre you a stressed business owner?   Do you put things off until tomorrow because you do not want to deal with them today?  You might be a procrastinator!

According to, “A procrastinator is a person who delays or puts things off — like work, chores, or other actions — that should be done in a timely manner.”

Did you know that the psychological thinking of putting things off until tomorrow can affect your quality of life?  It might clear up some time today but tomorrow you probably double booked yourself.

If you constantly procrastinate then you need to re-evaluate how you make decisions.  From time to time we all will procrastinate and that is ok.  The problem arises when procrastination becomes part of your everyday life.  You may even find that completing routine daily tasks becomes a challenge.

The following 5-step plan can help you deal with daily tasks and make decisions to benefit both you and your business:

  1. Make an appointment with yourself – just 30 minutes at the beginning or end of your day can help you plan and prioritize.
  2. Set realistic goals – time management should be a priority but it will only work if you set realistic goals.
  3. Stop thinking about it and just do it – thinking about it can be overwhelming but if you just do it, soon you will find the task is done.
  4. Tap into the expertise that is around you – ask friends and family because they are your biggest supporters.
  5. Be confident and keep a positive attitude because having a positive attitude will give you confidence in your decisions and ability to get things done.

If you want to talk more about being an entrepreneur, call us and book a free consultation. We are here to help you with your business decisions. One of the goals of the Halton Region Small Business Centre is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises and give you the tools to achieve success. For more information about our  resources, services, business events and seminars, contact us by dialing 311, 1-866-442-5866, visit us online at, e-mail or visit us at 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville. You can also follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook.

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