Data Insights -2016 Halton Region Employment Survey Results

Employment survey resultsJust released! The 2016 Employment Survey Results Report provides a comprehensive overview of businesses and jobs in Halton in 2016, along with highlighting industry sector composition, business trends, job growth, community profiles, exports and innovation.


2016 employment survey business characteristicsBUSINESS CHARACTERISTICS

  • Halton was home to 13,287 businesses in 2016 – up 0.2% from the previous year.
  • 1,080 businesses started up or relocated to a new location in 2016, while 1,052 businesses either relocated from their current location or ceased operations.
  • The majority (70%) of Halton’s businesses have 10 or fewer employees.
  • Nearly 2 in 5 businesses in Halton are in the retail, general services, or accommodation and food services sectors.
  • 4% of Halton businesses reported exporting their products or services in 2016 and 6% of businesses were involved in research & development activities.


  • Employment survey jobsHalton’s businesses employed 224,299 workers in 2016 – up 2% from the previous year.
  • Over 4,200 net new jobs were created last year.
  • 70% of jobs in Halton are full-time positions.
  • The manufacturing sector was Halton’s largest employer, employing 15% of Halton’s workforce. The retail and health care sectors were also leading employers in Halton.

For more details on the companies that choose Halton to relocate, establish or expand a business, visit

Halton’s Employment Survey runs from May to September every year.  A team of Halton Region surveyors visit each business within the region to gather data about the business, jobs and the building space they occupy.  With a 97% response rate, the participation of Halton businesses in the survey has been exceptional.  We thank Halton business owners for their continued participation!   


Contact us for assistance in expanding your business in Halton Region, or for additional information on the Halton economy.  Explore our Resource Library to view a variety of reports, publications and videos.  For more detailed statistics and historical trends, visit our Data Centre.

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