Data Insights – Halton Business statistics available on Data Centre

data-centreCheck out the Halton Data Centre for new information on Halton’s business community.  The series of new Halton Business data tables includes information about:

  • the number, size, location, growth and industry of businesses in Halton,
  • halton business performance and projections,

top employers, exporters, and multinational companies in Halton A few highlights include:

  1. Halton has a robust and diversified business community

In 2015 Halton was home to over 13,000 businesses and organizations.. Wholesale/retail, education/healthcare, and manufacturing are Halton’s main industry sectors, accounting for nearly half of all businesses.  Overall, 88% of Halton’s business community was service-based while 12% were in the goods-producing industries.

  1. Halton businesses are performing well

Halton businesses performed well in 2016, with a third of surveyed businesses hiring additional staff and 42% seeing profit increases. Additionally, 34% of surveyed business owners plan to invest in growth over the next 12 months by making facility expansions, relocating or adding inventories and 70% are making productivity investments through skills training, technology, machinery and equipment, or R&D.  Business bankruptcy has also declined steadily over the past five years, reaching only 40 cases throughout Halton in 2015.

  1. Strong business growth throughout Halton, particularly in Milton and Halton Hills

Halton Region averaged 10% net business growth from 2011 to 2015 with approximately 5300 new business locations established during that period. Growth was strongest in the north Halton communities of Milton and Halton Hills, who each experienced net business growth of 17%.

We’re here to help!

For additional information on Halton’s business community and to access detailed statistics, visit, or submit a request for a Custom Report and we can assist you in making informed decisions for your business. Depending on availability, we can provide customized historical, industry, community, real estate and business data.


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