Celebrating Successes at the Small Business Centre

Celebrating success in business can have a huge impact on an entrepreneur’s personal motivation and their ability to inspire those around them. Business owners, new and experienced, should reflect on the path taken, inventory milestones and acknowledge their big “wins”.

We are genuinely committed at the Small Business Centre to seeing our clients start and grow their companies. We conduct regular follow-up calls to visitors of our centre to see what progress them have made, and most importantly learn if they started a business and if they have been able to create new jobs in our community. We are always happy to share success stories of business that have launched, during our staff meetings. For some of the success stories we have the opportunity to further recognize our clients’ achievements more formally.

Here are some examples of ways we like to celebrate our clients:

Featured Entrepreneur Display Case and Wall of Fame

When you first visit our Small Business Centre you will immediately notice the presence
of our clients in our space. At our entrance you will find a Featured Entrepreneur Display Case. Our clients with products can be invited to display their wares for two months.

We also celebrate successes of past clients by posting pictures on our “wall of fame”, serving as an inspiring reminder to our visitors and staff that businesses do start and grow.

IMG_1025IMG_1024Email Capture

Newsletters and Reports

Subscribers to the Halton Region Small Business Centre newsletter (http://webaps.halton.ca/forms/mailchimp/small-business.cfm) receive a monthly email outlining upcoming seminars and events, business news, and most importantly, a client story. We also regularly write reports for our partners where we get to provide examples the real world business we have been able to support.

Client Spotlights at Events

One successful entrepreneur will inspire another. Each year the Small Business Centre will run a number of major events, including our Bridges to Better Business conference (https://haltonsbec.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/haltons-bridges-to-better-business-event-business-of-art-and-the-art-of-business/). In addition to our keynote speakers and educational breakout sessions, we will invite clients to address the participants as guest speakers to tell their story and be recognized for their success.

Did you get help from the Small Business Centre and then launch your business? Have we not heard from you in a while or not been able to get a hold of you in our follow-up calls? We’d love to hear from you and learn about your success! Please tell us your story by emailing smallbusiness@halton.ca.



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