Welcome to the week of International Women’s Day!

Young Female

Women in entrepreneurship make important contributions to our business community and the economy. Just more than half (52%) of the Small Business Centre’s clients are female. Profit magazine’s W100 list identifies and inspiring list of 100 women running companies with revenue ranging from $1 million to $500 million, and employing between five and 7500 people. The Royal Bank of Canada has reported that the share of firms with more than 50% female ownership is on the rise, although there is still a lot of space for growth before the rates of ownership between men and women are equal. RBC also estimates in 2011 that female majority owned small and medium businesses contributed an estimated $148 billion in economic activity. 

There are Service and Supports for Women Entrepreneurs

Local Resources:

  • There are a number of networking groups located in Halton that exist for women entrepreneurs. Some examples include:
  • The Halton Region Small Business Centre offers one-on-one consultations to women (and men) who want to start new or grow existing small businesses. Our focus is to provide information, resources and training that will help a business to become successful. Many of our clients choose to start a business because of their passion or expertise for their product or service, but want help to learn about the technical aspects of running a business.

National / Online Resources:

  • Our partners at Canada Business Ontario produce an online document called the “Women in Business Guide.” In addition to discussing regulations, taxation and resources that apply to all businesses, it speaks specifically to financing, training and mentorship programs offered to women in business.

We are looking forward to seeing many of our clients at Wednesday’s “Connect, Teach, Inspire” event, our annual gathering to celebrate the business and economic achievements of women in business in Halton.  Watch for one more blog post sharing some of the highlights from the event.

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