The AHA! Moments

An AHA! Moment is that moment of sudden realization, inspiration, recognition or comprehension that can be a turning point. When it comes to small business, AHA! Moments can significantly impact business success or growth.  These moments can come from listening to others’ experiences, attending educational sessions or simply networking with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.

On February 5, the Halton Region Small Business Centre will be hosting an event that is all about AHA! Moments; from the opening speaker, to presentations and ending with a networking session.  The event will provide opportunities for participants to look at their current situation and recognize that by changing a process or method, it could successfully impact their business.

The opening speaker, Donna Messer, will share moments from her life story and lessons learned; such as “when we look in the mirror – what we see is not necessarily what others see”.  Listening to friends, neighbours and family, Donna realized that sometimes we take for granted those special skills and talents that are easy for us. (an AHA! Moment) From her first business venture to her current business, ConnectUs Communications Canada, Donna still draws on the experiences learned from those early years.

The February 5 event will also include two presentations, offering ideas the participants could use in their own business.  The first presentation will focus on strategic marketing techniques used to bring target markets into focus with clarity and confidence.  Wendy Marlow from The Art of Marketing will share her marketing and sales expertise with participants.  The second presentation will focus on the numbers (we all know how important the numbers are).  Diane Gaudon, FCGA from Simply Canadian Sales Taxes will discuss whether it’s better to aim for higher sales revenues or profits and the importance of cash flow projections.

We will also hear two local spotlight stories from clients of the Small Business Centre.  They will share their business experiences and their AHA! Moments that got them to where they are today in their business.

A facilitated networking session will round out the event.  Donna Messer will lead the session engaging the participants in conversation and relationship building!  According to Donna, “When you Network, you get Work.”

Please join us on February 5 for this great event!  It will take place at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm.  The registration cost is $40.00. Further event details can be found at

For more information on all the services offered by the Halton Region Small Business Centre, please visit our website

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