A New Year, A New Goal

It is not uncommon for people to think about making changes or improvements at thegoal beginning of a new year.  New Year’s resolutions are often personal goals and aspirations but they can also be professional or business goals.

When thinking about resolutions or making changes, it’s important to stop to think about what we want to accomplish.  Change for the sake of change, may lead us down a road that does not meet any goal or objective.  An example, I want to paint and refurnish my office.  We can just move forward and do it, or we can stop to ask ourselves, how will this endeavour meet a personal or business goal?  What are the results that we seek?

Goals are the topic.  Goals have specific objectives.  Dreams are often confused with goals, however with dreams there are no actionable items.  Dreams can be seen as wishes and in some cases they do not get done with the results we may have envisioned.

Use the following criteria to help to define your objectives and help keep you on track.  These will also help you to differentiate goals from dreams.


S = Specific, the details about the goal.

M= Measurable, how much…..

A= Attainable, can this goal be met with existing resources?

R= Realistic, do we have the skills to do this?

T= timely, when will this goal be met?

In summary, when looking at a new year, a new business venture or personal goal, try utilizing the SMART system to work towards your goals.  The results may surprise you.

If you want to talk more about starting or expanding a business, call us and book a free business consultation. We are here to help you. One of the goals of the Centre is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises and give you the tools to achieve success. For more information about Halton Region’s Small Business Centre resources, services, business events and seminars, contact us by dialing 311, 1-866-442-5866, online atwww.haltonsmallbusiness.ca, by email at smallbusiness@halton.ca or visit us at 1151 Bronte Road, Oakville. You can also follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook

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