E-Week in Review

Last week the Halton Small Business Centre in conjunction with Haltech (the Regional Innovation Centre), celebrated Entrepreneurship Week with a host of events held throughout the region.

These events brought together business owners, both large and small, and featured a series of networking events and seminars developed with them in mind.  E-week provided a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet, share ideas and socialize.

At the Wednesday event held at Rattlesnake Golf Club, the Small Business Centre team delivered a financial start-up workshop to help both new and existing businesses develop realistic financial forecasting models.  The room was overflowing and the energy and discussions were enlightening and provided value to all attending.

There were events each day of the week for all types of businesses including, Professional Engineers, Hi-Tech ventures and the Arts.

Events like these provide business owners an opportunity to break away from their daily operations to develop new business contacts as well as new skills and information to help them when they return to the “office”.

We all know that being a business owner is a demanding profession in terms of both time and energy.  Getting together with other business owners who are experiencing similar, albeit different challenges, can provide a wealth of insight and suggestions for solving them.

This is the real power of networking. 

This December, we will be hosting our first B2B networking event.  The response to this event has been tremendous and indicates that these events have value to our clients.

In the New Year, the Small Business Centre will be hosting more of these events with business owners in mind.  Stay tuned…!


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