Starting a small business? Don’t forget sales!

More often than not, entrepreneurs start a new business in a field orMan and women shaking hands industry sector they have some direct experience with.  You may have either worked for a competitor, or have had experience within this industry in operations, productions, human resources or technical services.  In some cases your sales experience may be directly related to your new business venture or another industry. However, it might also be the case that you have no sales experience at all.

Sales, direct or developed from marketing messages/strategies, is much more than “order taking”.  Any new entrepreneur needs to be confident in their sales strategy and processes to be successful.

The question is, if you start a new business where you are the sole employee, are you comfortable being the salesperson?  If you are new to generating sales, you need to develop these sales skills.  If you know your product and service from  past experience, you can use this to show how credible you are.  Build from this base and further your skills by taking a course on developing sales techniques.

This can be a big ask for someone without sales experience. However, without a strong sales process, a new start up business may struggle as sales are the only way to generate revenue.  Sales = Revenue therefore, Revenue = Business.

When moving forward with a business plan, consider sales and ensure you have the sales skills and knowledge to implement your sales and marketing plan.  If this is knowledge or skill you lack, now, during the development phase, is the time to solve the problem, , rather than waiting until the introductory phase of the business.  After all sales = business.

For more information, check out this resource from the Info Entrepeneurs/Canada Business Network: Plan to Sell. Need help with your business planning?  Consider registering for one of the Halton Small Business Centre’s upcoming seminars such as Your Business Plan, November 13 at the Georgetown Public Library.

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