Self Employed, Self-Reliant

Self-employment is a way to earn an income.  It can also be a method of self expression, a way to express your individuality and celebrate a sense of accomplishment. 

While embarking on the self-employment journey, there are many areas that demand problem solveattention.  Some have higher priorities than others.  Some tasks are planned and on occasion some catch us by surprise or require immediate attention.  All require problem solving skills.

This brings up the notion of responsibility, responsibility for yourself, your successes and accomplishments.  This is the true definition of being self-employed.  Your role as the self-employed person is to solve problems.  You not only solve problems for your customers and target markets, but also for yourself. 

Problems that require your attention do and will arise regularly.  .  If you lack the skills or time required to solve a particular problem, then seek assistance in finding a resolution.  Asking for help is a good thing, however, be aware that if you seek advice from others to address problems, it remains your responsibility to ensure that the correct measures are taken. 

What this really means is that you  can either pay someone to solve the problem the way you need/want it solved in a certain time frame, or you look to solve the problem yourself. With the latter, you will gain the knowledge and skills  needed to solve similar problems in the future, but it will take your time. 

Next time a problem arises in your business ask yourself?  Can I take the time to solve this problem myself?  If not, can I afford to pay someone to solve it for me?  Either way, it’s your business and you are the one who is ultimately responsible for whatever action results.  As US President Harry S. Truman was fond of saying, “The buck stops here.” 

Visit the Halton Region Small Business website for more helpful tips and resources.


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