Colour Can Have an Impact on Your Business- Use it Wisely!

Colour from a psychological aspect is and will always be a power entity. How so? ColourSelecting Paint Chips can have both an emotional and physical effect which can have an impact on your sales and how others view your business.

Have you thought of using colour in a way that will enhance or create visibility for your business?

What you need to understand is how colour affects us and when certain colours should be used in business.

First let’s analyze what the different colours mean and what message they communicate to us.

Red is known as the blood colour. It is associated with energy and strength. If you give your loved one a red rose, that signifies love. Usually it is used to stimulate and is associated with danger. On the road red means stop or beware. In advertising it is usually a colour that demands attention.

Orange is the combination of red and yellow. It is associated with happiness and good health. Orange is highly visible and so it is usually incorporated with another colour to create attention. It can represent creativity and enthusiasm. When you refer to the colour orange, most people will think of an orange which by the way is good for you. It is usually used when promoting food products.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine or gold. It brings a smile to our faces and produces warm and affectionate feelings. If it is overused it can overwhelm us and be disturbing emotionally. It can also mean caution.

Green is all natural and symbolizes growth. It can also be associated with money. Unfortunately it can also cause emotions of greed and jealousy. It can be classified as a very productive colour.

Blue is the colour of the sky and water and can symbolize trust and intelligence. It has a very calming effect on us and is often used to sell products that are related to purification. Presently in today’s society it is also used to promote technology.

White is pure and innocent. It can be associated with sterility and medical products. When it is used with other colours it helps to complement them. It is the colour that goes with everything.

Black means power and elegance. It can also have a negative impact if too much is used. In some cultures black can symbolize a loss. When it is used with a combination of other colours it can help to define the other colours.

There have been studies conducted that have concluded that colour is a determinant of human behaviour. In fact, 84.7% of consumers cite colour as a reason they chose to purchase a particular product. Take a look at this infographic from WebpageFx for more interesting facts on the power of colour.

Cultural background can also have an influence on colour preference.

When you are developing your marketing materials, logo or website you need to factor in colour and its relationship to your target market. Since colour can have an impact on their receptiveness to your product or service it is important for you to be pro-active. Colour can be used to your advantage if you understand the impact that it can have on your business. Learn more about what different colours mean in this article in Smashing Magazine.

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