The Importance of a Handshake

 HandshakeWhat does a handshake really represent?  Is it that important? 

A physical handshake involves two people and shows an acceptance of the other person and what they are offering.  In creates a physical connection to that person.  It brings two people together and shows agreement.

According to a handshake is:

A gripping and shaking of right hands by two individuals, as to symbolize greeting, congratulation, agreement, or farewell.

Also, hand·shak·ing. Computers. An exchange of predetermined signals between a computer and a peripheral device or another computer, made when a connection is initially established or at intervals during data transmission, in order to assure proper synchronization.

When people are introduced to one another it usually follows with a handshake.  The handshake represents an acknowledgement of the person you just met.  It shows respect and it is a way to communicate by saying, “It is a pleasure to meet you.”  A handshake can represent future projects or an exchange which could involve future plans to do business together.  In the past a handshake was the way a business agreement was established but now along with it you see written contracts.  The handshake contract or agreement also extends to computers and other devices as mentioned above.

Did you know that during a physical handshake a lot of judgements and decisions are made?  Whether you realize it or not a handshake can make or break a deal or possible contract job and put it out of your grasp (sorry for the pun).  How you shake someone’s hand says a lot about you.

You need to show confidence when you shake another person’s hand.  Grasp it firmly and shake it once then release.  In the process to not crush the other person’s hand but make it known that you are happy to meet them.  If you barely grasp the other person’s hand it can indicate that you really do not even want to touch them and if that is the case people can be offended.

After meeting American author Mark Twain, Helen Keller, author and lecturer, who was blind and deaf, remarked “I can feel the twinkle of his eye in his handshake.”  Your handshake really does say a lot about you.  Make sure it conveys what you want it to!

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