What, So What, Now What.

A few weeks ago, in our post “Specific is Actionable”, we discussed why it was important to define specific target markets. Last week, we discussed Benefit Statements for your marketing plans. This week we will expand on our discussion of marketing with a simple way of creating effective, to-the-point messages.

The human brain processes thoughts in groups of three. If you add more into the mix, either the first thought is going to fall out, or all of your messages will become jumbled together. Effective marketing messages stick in the consumer’s mind, explain why they want to buy what you sell, and just as importantly, issue a “Call to Action” to tell them what to do next in order to buy from you.

Try to create only one sentence for each of the following points. These three points can make the base of your new key messages.

What? – What does your business do? Don’t make this too complicated. There are likely customers who don’t care how you do it, or why you do it the way you do, they just want to know what you are offering.

So What? – Why should the consumer care? (Hint: This would be a good time to read last week’s post on Benefit Statements.) Tell the consumer what positive impact your product or service is going to make on their life. The service could make their life easier, more exciting, more fulfilling, less stressful. Your product could go faster, work better, or save time.

Take some time to craft your own What-So What-Now What statement.

Now What? – What action do you want the consumer to take? If you have done a great job at the What and So What above, you will have helped your consumer to want to buy what you are selling. Don’t loose them now by forgetting to tell them how to take the next step.

For the consumer this is Simple, Concise, and Actionable. Try your hand at creating simple What – So What – Now What statements for your business.

Here’s an example:

  • What: The Halton Region Small Business Centre offers free consultations to people starting and growing a small business.
  • So What: You can get advice on making your marketing messages more effective.
  • Now What: Call us at 905-825-6000, ext. 7900 to book your appointment.
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