Energize Your Business

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary the word ENERGIZE means:  to impart energy to or to apply voltage to.  What does energize mean to you?  Some think of the long life battery energizer bunny, tirelessly beating his drum.  As a business owner, you probably wish you had the same energy as the cute pink bunny. Realistically, it is impossible to keep going and going and going. If you did, you would soon burn-out.   So the question is:  “how can you make the most of your time so that you can energize your business?”

Important things to consider:

  • Have you written a business plan and if so is it up-to-date?
    • A good business plan serves as a road map that directs the business and helps to set goals.
    • The plan will help you get to know your business better than anyone so that you have a lot of confidence in your product or service.
    • Take a look at Halton’s Business Planning Template.

Actions that energize:

At the beginning of each year you need to sit down and review and evaluate whether you achieved last year’s goals as stated in your business plan.   It is important that you revisit your marketing plan, sales, structure and projections. You can call this a business plan tune-up.  When you have reviewed and evaluated last year’s goals, make new ones that are realistic and achievable.  A good plan will energize your business and breathe new life into it so you can continue to move forward.

Energizing through organization:

Do you write numbers and important messages on small pieces of paper that get lost the moment you turn your back?  Using a Customer relationship management (CRM) system can save you time.  It can also help you to prioritize and schedule meetings.  Check out a couple of examples:  Maximizer, Goldmine, Microsoft Dynamics.

We live in a society where relationship building can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful sale.  To have accurate up-to-date information at your fingertips saves you time and that time can be spent working on your business.

It’s ironic that it is called “running” a business. As an entrepreneur, you hit the ground running every day.  If you have a good business plan that gives you direction, helps you evaluate what works and what doesn’t, and great organizational skills that help you prioritize, you will have the power to energize your business.  Stop working IN your business and start working ON your business so that it will keep going and going and going!

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